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'The Objectives of the United Charities of Nathaniel Waterhouse are to benefit the poor living within the area of Calderdale.

Beneficiaries of the Almshouses will be elderly persons who live within Calderdale or who have a strong connection to the area. They will have a need for housing and will need to provide evidence that they lack the means of meeting that need. The need for housing may result from either financial restrictions or social isolation.'

The Charities provide modern homes suitable for older individuals and couples from the local area of Calderdale who enjoy living in a happy, friendly and safe community environment.

"I am just very, very grateful to have the cottage that I have and be able to live here, I love it here" Mackintosh Homes Resident

"I don't have to worry about going up and down stairs and I have really good neighbours so it's really friendly." Waterhouse Homes Resident

"It's idyllic' Mackintosh Homes Resident

"It's handy for town, a little green oasis surrounded by friendly people" Waterhouse Homes Resident

If you are interested in the possibility of hiring the Waterhouse Homes Community Lounge for your group's activities, please contact the Clerk at or the Wardens on 01422 352386.

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The Homes are supported by two Wardens and managed by a Clerk, Assistant Clerk, a surveyor, and twelve Trustees recruited locally from people with varying experience. Trustees give their time freely to support of the community. Both sites are overseen by two Wardens, based at Harrison Road. The Mackintosh Homes are situated near Albert Promenade and consist of eight cottages and eight flats. The Waterhouse Homes are situated on Harrison Road, near Halifax town centre in private garden grounds with of twenty four modernised housing units. Both Charities are members of The Almshouse Association and are registered with the Charity Commission.

"I have been involved in many activities run by the Charities and have made lots of friends since being here."

  • About Our Homes

    The Nathaniel Waterhouse and John Mackintosh sites were established in their current locations in 1852 and 1925 respectively. Their original purpose, which is unchanged today, was to provide accommodation for older people who felt unable to remain in their own homes by reason of reduced circumstances or housing need.


    "It's a beautiful environment and it's lovely to watch somebody else mow the lawn!" Waterhouse Homes Resident


    "I really enjoyed it when we played cards on a Monday afternoon in the Community Room" Waterhouse Homes Resident