Waterhouse Homes

"I have a very good neighbour, she is kind and helps me."

Waterhouse Homes is an Almshouse consisting of 24 individual, modernised, one bedroom housing units, appointed in well maintained private garden grounds. The homes offer friendly and safe community living. The buildings surround an open landscaped area which has a central fountain feature retained from the earlier Victorian Almshouses and Blue Coat School.

"I would not be here if it was not for here."

Waterhouse Homes consists twenty-four one bedroom flats off six shared stairways. There is also a communal lounge and Wardens’ house on site. All the flats are single bedroomed but are large enough for couples. Six of the twelve upper floor flats are served by a lift. The upper floor flats have balconies overlooking the grounds and the lower floor flats have small patio areas. Residents are 'beneficiaries of the Charities' as opposed to tenants, for further information regarding this status, please contact the Charities.

Services & Costs

Wardens live on site and visit all residents on a regular basis. They offer support and assistance but not care, though they do liaise with the various authorities involved. Cover for the wardens is organised when they are on holiday. The presence of wardens on site assists the security of the residents. The wardens also work with residents to organise a popular programme of social events during the year.

Council Tax is valuation band A and is payable by the resident. Residents pay a weekly maintenance contribution to the charity. This is currently (2019) set about £95 per week – about £15 above the housing benefit level. That extra pays towards the shared costs and the warden support. Cases of financial hardship can be considered by the charity.

The United Charities of Nathaniel Waterhouse Annual Reports

The United Charities of Nathaniel Waterhouse Annual Report 2020-21

The United Charities of Nathaniel Waterhouse Annual Report 2019-20

The United Charities of Nathaniel Waterhouse Annual Report 2018-19

  • About Waterhouse Homes

    The one bedroom flats were built in the 1960s and have recently undergone a programme of remodelling. The accommodation is age friendly and all bathrooms have showers.

    There is a car park and a charge is made for reserved places. Most residents find that the central location reduces the need for a car. A level walk along Harrison Road leads to the centre of Halifax.

  • Heating is by electricity via the latest generation of efficient night store heaters. Residents pay for their own electricity.

    Water and all maintenance are provided by the Charity. The upkeep of the communal areas is paid for by the charity. Residents can offer to assist with the gardening if they wish and can adopt small areas. The residents’ communal lounge is well-used and includes a kitchen and laundry.

  • Waterhouse homes and the Blue Coat School

    Nathaniel Waterhouse, 1586-1645, a dealer in salt, oils and dyeing materials was a generous local benefactor. In 1635, he founded the Halifax Workhouse to set the poor within the town and parish to work.

    Nathaniel and his wife Dorothy had no children, and he left his lands and his money to the town. His will provided for the establishment of several charities, schools and Almshouses, including the Blue Coat School for 20 poor boys and girls, specifying the blue uniform from which the school got its name. He also provided a legacy to Heath Grammar School and left a sum of £60 per annum for the curates of 12 chapels in the parish of Halifax. He died in June 1645 and was buried in the North Chapel at Halifax Parish Church.

    The original almshouses and school in Causeway Foot and Upper Kirkgate were re-sited on Harrison Road in 1852 with the school immediately adjacent. The almshouses were demolished in 1965 to make way for the current accommodation which opened in June 1967.

    The school was situated on the site now occupied by the Wardens House and Community Room. There were 40 children - 20 girls and 20 boys. The girls were aged 10 - 16 yrs and the boys 10 - 14 yrs. In their extra two years the girls were trained to go into domestic service when they left. Originally the children were educated on the premises but were later educated at Holy Trinity School. All the children were from poor one parent families. The school closed in 1958.

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