Joining our Dedicated Team of Trustees at Waterhouse and Mackintosh Homes

Are you interested in being part of our Trustee team at Waterhouse and Mackintosh Homes?
Here is some information about what being a Trustee at the Homes entails and how you could join us.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Waterhouse and Mackintosh Charities Board of Trustees, we hope that you will find this document helpful. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me, Roger Pool, Chair of the Trustees, or George Pickles, Clerk to the Trustees at

What Do The Charities Do?

The Charities provide Almshouse accommodation for older people who have either financial or social need in forty flats and cottages split over two sites in Halifax. Follow these links  to see a description of our accommodation and the history of the Waterhouse Homes and Mackintosh Homes. The Residents are supported by two Wardens who are resident on the Waterhouse site. The Wardens provide support during the day and can respond to emergencies out of hours as well. The Wardens and Trustees work closely with the Clerk and Assistant Clerk to provide a supportive and friendly environment in which to live.

These links to the Residents Handbook  and a virtual tour of Waterhouse Homes will provide an insight into living in our Homes.

Where Does The Money Come From To Support Our Almshouses?

The Charities are fortunate in that a combination of income from historic investments and the Residents’ weekly contributions provide sufficient funds to meet our needs. We have also been able to use surplus funds to make donations to other local charities. In 2020/21 this amounted to a sum of £14, 000.

We are currently exploring various sources of grant aid to fund some of our planned improvements to the properties.

What Does a Trustee Do?

A Trustee at Waterhouse and Mackintosh Charities has the legal responsibility to ensure that the Schemes endowed by Nathaniel Waterhouse and John and Violet Mackintosh are adhered to and honoured in perpetuity. These responsibilities will include making decisions about residential applications, financial matters, personnel issues, ensuring appropriate data protection adherence and donations.  General information about the responsibilities of being a Trustee can be found on the Charity Commission’s website here.

Who Are We Looking For?

The Charities’ Board currently consists of ten Trustees whereas the Charitable Scheme stipulates a maximum of sixteen. Previous experience as a Trustee is not a prerequisite as training will be given upon nomination and acceptance onto the Board. The Charities are looking to recruit two additional Trustees. Any future Trustee will have an interest in supporting our Residents, accommodation, staff and other charitable organisations.

What Is The Minimum Time Commitment Required Of a Trustee?

All Trustees sit on the General Committee which meets four times per year for approximately two hours. The current meeting time is 4pm but the time is flexible and can be moved if Trustees find a different time to be more convenient. Under normal circumstances meetings take place in the Waterhouse Community Lounge.

The main work of the Charities’ Trustees takes place in four sub-committees whose meeting schedules are below. New Trustees would be expected to join one of the sub-committees best suited to their interests and experience.

Finance committee - approx. four meetings per year

Premises committee - approx. four meetings per year

Governance and Compliance committee - approx. four meetings per year

Residents and Personnel committee - approx. four meetings per year plus meetings relating to the appointment of new Residents or staff

The sub-committee meetings are arranged in order prior to the General Committee meeting with the meeting times set to the convenience of the attendees.

If you would like more information about how our committees work please contact our Assistant Clerk,

The Assistant Clerk at will be happy to send you copies of the most recent minutes of our committee meetings should you wish to review them.                                                                       

What Are The Charities’ Plans For The Future?

The Trustees will manage the Charities in such a way as to ensure the Charities are able to continue to provide accommodation to those in need, repair and modernise the dwellings as appropriate and distribute donations to appropriate charitable organisations. The Charities are continually striving to evolve to meet the challenges of the C21st whist honouring the charitable aims of their founding philanthropists.

New Trustees will have a desire to be part of our team contributing to these plans.

What Next?

If you are interested in becoming one of our Trustees please contact Roger Pool, Chair of Trustees. .

The Charities will arrange an informal interview where you will be able to meet some existing Trustees, discuss the workings of the Charities and how you might contribute to future evolution of The United Charities of Nathaniel Waterhouse and John Mackintosh Memorial Homes.